Group booking can't get any easier!


We connect your inventory

We make your inventory searchable and bookable via your existing API. If you do not have an open API, we create a bridge to make your inventory available in our sales pipe to groups.


We distribut your inventory

We instantly make your inventory available to the right audience, right inside their group chat, where they discuss, plan and book their next group move together.

We apply machine learning and AI technologies to fine tune our suggestions to our users, based on the groups context, profiles & historical data

Group booking
whithout pain, just gain.

Be where groups are already connecting

Every group plan start with a simple conversion between friends. We enable group booking & purchase from the group chat they are already using to get organised, make plan & take decision together.

Cross-sell to a receptive audience on the move

Our groups are on the move, looking for new experiences to share together & conveniences to book collectively as a group. You could offer your Bus tickets, Vacation rentals, to the group that just booked a festivals together...

Get rid of group payment complexity

We absord all complexities around group booking, payment & related risks. We collect all individual funds before confirming a booking. All that you see is a regular booking in your sytem. No change or system upgrade, just business as usual.

Get new data feed and insights for your CRM

We dont keep your business blind, we feed our partners with relevant customers information from the groups that made bookings. Get more insigth and CRM opportunities (our user data privacy rights apply).